What is the Raspberry Ketone Diet?

Raspberry Ketone is an all natural ingredient found in raspberries. Recent studies have concluded that the ketones can lead to reduced weight. It is also believed that the enzyme helps control weight gain and weight loss. The way in which it works is that the Raspberry Ketone compounds will directly interact with the body's fat cells and promote fat burning along with weight loss.

What are the Benefits of the Raspberry Ketone Diet?

It has been reported in recent news articles that clinical trails show that it helped people to reduce the weight gain and decreased fat that accumulates in the liver when people eat high fat diets. Its effectiveness can be increased when you combine the Raspberry Ketones with African Mango extracts and other super-foods.

Why Can’t I Just Eat Raspberries and Get the Same Results?

If you just eat raspberries instead the problem wouldbe that you would have to eat 90 pounds of raspberries to the the amount of ketones needed to be effective for losing weight. Besides eating all those berries, there would be way to many calories and this would defeat the purpose of the diet.

Dr. Oz Features Raspberry Ketone and Konjac for Diet Aid

The latest buzz in the weight loss market is of the Dr Oz Konjac Raspberry Ketone weight loss products. In a recent TV show Dr Oz highlighted the effectiveness of the Konjac fiber pills and spoke about how eating a pill before each meal can make a world of difference to one's weight loss goals.

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